At my core, I’m a connector with a zest for establishing new partnerships and cultivating meaningful connections. Helping people and organizations to win profitable relationships is my passion, and I find this work to be incredibly rewarding.

As a creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial-minded consultant with a talent for business management, I take great pride in my ability to bridge the gap between people and resources to drive business growth and sustainability. Throughout my career, I’ve been a relationship manager, a business analyst, a program director, a teacher and a community involvement leader. I’ve also founded a magazine, authored a book, and invented a methodology for creating genuine relationships called the 3C-Technique. The common trend that ties all of my career experience together is my talent and enthusiasm for cultivating meaningful connections.

I’m most excited about working with collaborative organizations that value innovation, solutions-oriented thinking, and interpersonal connections. I thrive in environments that allow me to blend my relationship-building skills, business management expertise, and creative problem-solving abilities to serve as a catalyst for change and deliver tangible results.

Interested in leveraging my business consulting or relationship management experience? Dying to learn more about the 3C-Technique? Just want to say hi? That’s great! I love to make critical connections.