At 5:30 AM ET today (day before Thanksgiving), I grab my phone from the nightstand, and I begin to read an article from one of my critical connections that was at the top of my feed on LinkedIn. Something inside me stirred, so I sat up in the bed to write. Usually, most things that I want to write about or share with the world are fueled by the inspiration of others, and reading this article/post wasn’t the first this week.

This week two women, @Kim Fredrich and @Montina Young, who have evolved personally and in their business over the years, got me thinking thankfully about my journey down #EVOLUTIONROAD. Four thankful thoughts with a dash of encouragement.

  1. I’m so graciously thankful for small business owners like @Meico Whitlock, who has consistently fueled my aspirations through the most significant shifts in my life and business and still does so, even today. 
  2. I’m thankful for clients past, present, and future who gave and are giving me opportunities as a solo, small business owner to do the mindful work that makes me want to get up every day, even with all my iterations. And most importantly, in those early years when I had not yet embraced my gift and was figuring things out along the way. 
  3. I’m thankful for the three businesswomen that I was inspired by early on my trek down #Evolutionroad, who have no idea how they significantly (badly) impacted my belief system. Yet, we’re also the catalysts for the deep inner work necessary for me to do, and it was worth it. We have to own our sh*t. No one should have that much power over us. I’m still doing that work, folks.
  4. I’m thankful for a mother, still here with me; that is the ultimate motivator and my confirmation that “my gift will make room for me,” the most prominent champion in my life, and the reason being okay with my evolution at this moment is enough. 

There is so much I could share about the #evolutionroad I’ve traveled, so many curveballs, hills, and valleys, not to mention unexpected WINS, and what I like to call beautifully overcoming moments to tell. I won’t do that here; I have to figure out the best platform. Maybe an opportunity to tell your story as well.

My commitment to myself and I hope to yours is to show up every day with the mindset that evolution is a moment-by-moment experience. As a business owner, I can get caught up in the wrung of not having found that “right place.” As my contemporaries are making the shifts they must to thrive, they continue to fuel my aspirations. 

Here’s what I will say to anyone reading this article today, give yourself some grace and be kind to the process of evolution. Celebrate your peers–I mean CELEBRATE with them, in business, with a deep sense of compassion and love for their arrival. In perspective, their evolving means mine and your evolvement. And remember you’re gift will make room for you. It won’t fail