I’m a consultant, coach, and creative, blending my non-linear business and creative background to benefit my clients. As an experienced customer success and relationship marketing professional, I manage Monique LaRue Consulting, Coaching, & Media.

I assist nonprofits, government organizations, and small businesses with customer experience strategies, aiming for loyalty, adoption, retention, and expansion. Additionally, I’m dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders, challenging traditional norms, and sparking change.

With a range of skills and talents, I bring a fresh perspective. I’ve designed custom digital/print magazines, authored content, am a podcast host, and generated innovative ideas. Let’s connect to elevate your business, professional, and personal goals, impacting your community and life. Reach out, and let’s talk shop. Hear me intentionally. #StayMindful #StayConnected #StayLifted.


How can I help you achieve your organization’s strategic intentions?