You can make more friends in two months being interested in other people than in two years trying to get people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie

Master the Mindful Connector Method™ and never waste time networking again! Develop meaningful connections and transform your life, business and career. Critical connections shouldn’t be transactional; they are mindful, conscious efforts that can make the difference in a mutually beneficial arrangement between a client, customer, employee, or department at your company. Alignment is the critical factor. The approach you use to determine what’s critical oftentimes is the catalyst for long-lasting sustainable relationships. Becoming a mindful connector is instrumental in winning in life, business and your career. Trust me.

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Early Book Praise For | Baby, Your Gift Will Make Room For You

The book is great! Easy to read and very motivational. So original, optimistic and engaging. Greg Goldner’s chapter is a real endorsement. It’s such a reflection of you and your positive approach. Reading it was like talking to you! It will be so helpful for so many people.~ Ellen Fallon

I urge you, whatever the stage of your career, to grab a cup of tea and a pen and begin to put Monique’s plan of action into play. You will be all the better for it. ~ Marty M. Hohmann