MOSO (Micro-Owner | Solo-Owner MAGAZINE: Fuel Your Aspirations!

Created in the mind of Monique LaRue and friends during her work with an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization focused on economic self-sufficiency and microenterprise, MOSO Magazine was born. As a budding micro-business owner herself, she was looking for ways to fuel your aspirations of staying the course and doing the challenging work of micro and solo-business ownership. Always inspired and motivated by the stories of other tenacious micro and solo-business owners, Monique LaRue introduced the new re-branded issues of MOSO Magazine in the spring of 2020.

GOAL: To fuel the aspirations of other micro, solo, and main-street business owners with rich and relevant content and events that connect, motivate and enlighten. 

INTENTION: Is to turn up the volume about our value and our position in this big economy. We will ensure that our voices get heard outside and within our community, our work celebrated in media (digital/print/social), and that our perspectives, experiences, and resources get shared.