MOSO Magazine

The Micro-Owner Solo-Owner (MOSO) Business Magazine was created for you.

A platform and a community that grants you unlimited access to daily/weekly content about the lifestyles of MOSOs, exclusive events, and mucho m’as!

Are you a MOSO? 

Perhaps you can’t answer that question yet. But the creators of this platform are. Our desire to belong to a community, to be independent and sustainable, with an understanding that we — MOSOs (micro, solo, and main-street business owners) — fuel this country’s economic engine.

  • It’s in our DNA to flow in a way that’s relentless; It’s a lifestyle!

I’m glad you’ve visited, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy the pages of our free inaugural issues of 2020.

More to come. Glad you found us. Our stories are your stories!

MOSO Magazine Spring 2020
MOSO Magazine Summer 2020
MOSO Magazine Fall 2020


MOSO Magazine was conceptualized and introduced to the Universe over ten years ago (a market test) and the brainchild of its MOSO founders. 

The WHY: MOSO Magazine (formerly ENBIZ Magazine) was re-launched during the global pandemic of 2020. It is the re-birth of kool! Why? It was the thing that fueled the aspirations of its founders, who got inspired by and motivated from stories of other tenacious MOSOs simply because our stories are your stories.

The GOAL: To fuel the aspirations of other micro, solo, and main-street business owners with rich and relevant content and events that connect, motivate and enlighten. 

The INTENTION: This is to turn up the volume about our value and our position in this big economy. We will ensure that our voices get heard outside and within our community, our work celebrated in media (digital/print/social), and that our perspectives, experiences, and resources get shared.