The National Black Customer Success Professionals (NBCSP) support community was created in 2018 as a professional support resource for diverse cultures interested in Customer Success (CS) as a career path to leadership opportunities or are currently working as an Individual Contributor (IC). We offer a positive perspective on Customer Success roles and management. Though this is a community forum, we are a safe place for sharing authentic insights, information, and strategies to help each other find favorable, effective resolutions to solve the issues that keep us up at night. Sit with us at The Lunch Table; you’re welcome here.

National Black Customer Success Professionals

Who we are:

A group of likeminded Customer Success and Customer Experience professionals at various levels in our careers, mainly individual contributors and non-tech folks looking to learn more about, build capacity, and enter the profession. We share information from other reputable CS/CX resources that can help meet you in the areas that you need assistance in. i.e., Job Boards, Certifications, Conferences, etc. We have a signature annual event where we discuss the state of black professionals in customer success, an intimate curated convening that hones in on the “state” (emotional-wellbeing, nuances of leveling up, how black CSCX professionals are building capacity for success in the industry – we are still crafting this experience to date). Committed participants make themselves available to meet weekly and ad hoc, as a safe space, for our participants as needed.

Why we meet:

Because we know as you go through your days and weeks in these CS or CX roles, or trying to find work in these areas, you’ll encounter those critical moments when you need immediate help, or have questions that need to be answered, or you need a strategy to help you navigate situations that you don’t feel safe going to people who (quite frankly) don’t have your back.

What we are not:

We are not a formal organization. We are building community, and that’s happening organically. We are not a network organization, though networking and critical connections are happening. We don’t require you to show up, but we are happy when you do –that means you have a situation you need guidance on or you want to be there to help be that for someone else.