The Mindful Connector Podcast is where you can listen and engage to fuel your aspirations. I’m personally fueled when I hear the fabulous stories about the people I’m connected to, but I’m also moved to action by the things that keep people up at night.

Here’s what you can expect. You’ll hear conversations I’ll have with founders, Chiefs of things, entrepreneurs, Individual Contributors in customer success and tech, managers, artists, music, and regular folk — listen, no one’s off limits.

I hear, read about, or engage on social with a person’s content daily. Something fuels me, and I want to talk about it. Who am I?  I’m naturally curious about the lives and work of people who have something to say and do in business, community, and this world, and it can run the gamut. There are no ulterior motives here. So here me intentionally. 

I’m coming at you with a gumbo of eclectic conversations that I promise won’t be about nothing but will make your belly full and move you to elevate your professional and personal aspirations, whatever they are.  #StayMindful #StayConnected #StayLifted