I choose my consulting gigs with my heart. The work has to mean something. Though I’ve been on projects for the sole purpose of making money, I find that approach leaves me a bit empty. I’m an ever-evolving consultant, a generalist, and I own every ounce of that description wholeheartedly. The ultimate goal in my work is to be the catalyst that brings people, business and resources together to promote results for my clients. I have a gift of establishing rapport quickly with a keen ability to share value of the products, services and solutions that are making a difference in the world. Check out my LinkedIn Profile for past roles, projects and explanation of skills. You want to know what areas make my heart sing? Relationship Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Creative Nonprofit Resource Development
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Mindful Connector Method™ Coaching
Monique is a consummate professional, who is precise and sure in the knowledge she is sharing, down to the structure and feedback in the coaching sessions. Her coaching style is warm, engaging and friendly.
~ Cherylann Sherwood, Change Management & Communications Strategist

Customer Success
The National Black Customer Success Professionals, NBCSP, was founded in 2018. The group was created to be a professional development resource for diverse cultures interested in Customer Success (CS) as a career path to leadership opportunities or are currently working in a CS Manager function. We are here to offer a positive perspective on Customer Success roles and management. Though this is a public forum, we are a safe place for sharing authentic insights, information and strategies so we can help each other find positive, effective resolution on the issues that are keeping us up at night.